The Goodwood Festival of Speed, to see at least once in your life!

The Goodwood Festival of Speed, to see at least once in your life!


The Guide de l'auto columnist Antoine Joubert recently traveled to England to attend the Goodwood Festival of Speed, a prestigious event that inspires car enthusiasts around the world.

When he returned from his trip, he discussed it with his colleague Germain Goyer on the show Le Guide de l'auto on QUB Radio. 

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A race of less than two kilometers

After rather humble beginnings in the 90s, the Festival of SpeedGoodwood now attracts over 50,000 visitors a day. “It's impossible to cover an event like this in 24 or 48 hours. It's even impossible to see everything,” exclaimed Antoine Joubert, visibly impressed by the scale of this gathering dedicated to car and speed lovers. 

Among the main attractions of this grandiose event, the “Hill Climb” cannot be overlooked. “It's a road that is just under two kilometers long where we will push the machine to try to break the fastest time record. A small 100% electric single-seater, the McMurty, was going so fast that it looked like it was going to fly away! says Antoine Joubert.

“On this circuit, we have seen almost anything like a Ferrari FXX, Formula 1 Aston Martins, racing cars from the 1940s, drift cars, rally cars from the 70s and 80s Rolls-Royce was also there with big convertibles and offered rides to the public,” he adds.

A special place for Porsches

On the occasion of this event highly prized by automobile enthusiasts, Porsche unveiled its new racing car, the 963. It was presented inside the German manufacturer's kiosk, the area of ​​which exceeded 4000 m2.

Presenting workshops for children, Porsche has also gone all out to satisfy purists. “We brought in a Volkswagen Vanagon that serves as a Porsche service truck and put 911 engines from the 80s on it. The first 1997 Porsche Boxster was there, as well as a 924 and a 911 from the 70s. Porsche enthusiasts, no matter the angle, could be satisfied,” says Antoine Joubert. 

Even the parking lot for visitors is impressive

This event, open to the public, attracts car enthusiasts who come to the site, in many cases with exceptional vehicles. Antoine also said that the visitor parking lot was an attraction in itself and that you could spend a few hours there without even noticing that time was running out.

“You will walk in this field and between six or seven Ferraris, you will come across a Porsche 944 Turbo. I even saw a right-hand-drive Chrysler 300, made in Canada, which was obviously a little exotic in England. I also saw a few vehicles modified by Mansory as well as Caterhams, old Aston Martins and the new Audi RS 4 wagon,” he recalls.

News of the week

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