The government approved the labour bill, which will replace the Labour code

The government approved the labour bill, which will replace the Labour code of the Ukrainian SSR in 1971.

Правительство утвердило законопроект о труде, который заменит Трудовой кодекс

This was at the briefing after the Cabinet meeting said the Minister of development of Economics, trade and agriculture Tymofiy mylovanov, reports Censor.NO.

According to him, due to outdated legislation today is not to defend one’s labor rights are about 15.7 million persons, in particular undocumented workers, migrant workers, working pensioners.

An employment contract is offered to oblige to conclude in written form (in paper or electronic form), including on a permanent basis. There has to be spelled out all the conditions. “That was not so you at the interview, promised one thing and in the process it turns out that everything is different, and HR, who you hired, not fired,” — said the Minister.

New legislation the government wants to reduce unemployment to 5% (now 7%), and the time of job search to decrease from 3.5 months to 2. Among the global goals: the empowerment of employees and guarantee the legalization of labor, even for seasonal workers, an increase in the number of jobs, gender equality, increasing the income of working and harmonization of Ukrainian legislation with EU legislation.

“I beg you to support this reform and to move finally from the 1971 Code to the Code 2020,” he polytail Milovanov.

The head of the parliamentary Committee Galina Tretyakova noted that the myth that the new law will be worse than the previous one, lies in the Soviet thinking, which in particular brought up on the notion of benefits.

“In Soviet criminal code there were a lot of benefits that did not work… the more benefits, the worse the conditions of work,” she said, noting that the main purpose of the new act is the strengthening of workers ‘ rights.