The government intends to do with space premiums of officials

The government has completed the development of a phased plan for the introduction of a uniform system of determining salaries and bonuses for civil servants.

Что правительство намерено сделать с космическими премиями чиновников

This was stated by Cabinet Minister Oleg Nemchinov on your YouTube channel.

“Developed a phased plan that will allow you to enter a single system to determine salaries, as well as problems that will affect the premium part, on the part of the overhead of executing various functions,” he said.

The Minister noted that government officials should receive decent salaries, but it causes a negative reaction in society.

According to him, it is planned to reform the wage system, to a large part of revenues (70-80 %) was incorporated in the salary, and the rest defined by specific tasks being performed.

Nemchinov stressed that today, many civil servants, particularly in centralina Executive power have small salaries, but huge premium in 300-400 %.