The government intends to protect citizens from the rising prices of goods

After the threat of the spread of coronavirus infection in Ukraine was imposed quarantine, food prices began to rise almost every day. Producers of goods and sellers voiced the reasons, however, many experts accused them of wanting to enrich themselves through the situation.

Правительство намерено защитить граждан от роста цен на товары

In the article “24 channel” is reported to be in Ukraine, the introduction of price controls on products at the state level.

The government of Ukraine refused to state regulation of prices in the country in 2017. At that time it seemed logical. The situation in the country all have long been accustomed. When the dollar is growing for him to rush up and prices. Manufacturers attribute this to the fact that the goods are purchased in foreign currency. When the currency depreciates, the prices remain high, and manufacturers shrug their shoulders and explain that these processes are not connected.

“We are actively working to ensure price stability for socially significant product groups remained. Planned and are working to introduce more soft tool of regulation, but right now it’s 10 products that are important for every Ukrainian and households,” said the newly appointed Minister of economic development, trade and agriculture Igor Petrashko.

According to him, at the moment these measures will be sufficient to maintain price stability, so that food was available to every Ukrainian.

The Ukrainian government plans to regulate prices for such products as sugar, flour, buckwheat, wheat flour, eggs, pasta domestic production, milk fat content of 2.5%, wheat-rye bread, chicken carcasses, butter and mineral water without gas.

Such list of goods in Ukraine is defined for the first time, this was stated by the Chairman of the National Council of economic development Alexey Doroshenko. Was determined not only by the list of goods, but also the price category, country of production and packaging. Besides, this list was first included in the drinking water. All this, according to experts, will allow to carry out qualitative monitoring of pricing and in the future the list of the regulated goods can be expanded.