The government of Ecuador canceled a state of emergency after the cancellation of the decree that caused the protests (PHOTO)

Власти Эквадора отменили режим ЧП после аннулирования указа, вызвавшего протесты (ФОТО)

The government of Ecuador canceled a state of emergency throughout the country and curfew in the capital Quito after was withdrawn presidential decree on the cancellation of fuel subsidies, triggering mass protests in the country. On Monday reported the newspaper El Universo, citing the chief of the joint command of the armed forces of Ecuador, General Roque Moreira.

“Governor Moreira announced the termination of a state of emergency and, accordingly, the curfew”, the article reads, quoted by TASS.

The state of emergency was introduced in the Republic on 3 October. On such step the government went after the country was gripped by demonstrations, which in some cities escalated into unrest. The reason for the discontent of citizens was signed on 1 October by the President of Ecuador Lenin Moreno, a decree abolishing subsidies on diesel and gasoline, with the result that prices have increased more than 120%.

The protesters blocked roads, oil fields and access to airport Quito, had disrupted many businesses were taken hostage by the police. According to the Indian movement, was arrested more than a thousand people, two thousand were wounded, and one hundred people were missing and more than ten were killed, reports RIA “Novosti”.

According to the office of the Commissioner for human rights in the Republic during the protests, seven people were killed, more than 1.3 thousand were injured.

Because of the unrest Moreno, together with the government temporarily left Quito and went to situated 420 km South-West of the city of Guayaquil (province of Guayas).

October 12, Lenin Moreno, has accused his predecessor Rafael Correa, and the head of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro that they led the protest actions. “Today, the dark forces , led by [ex-President Rafael] Correa, and [Venezuelan President Nicolas] Maduro, together with the narco-terrorists became citizens and foreigners carried out previously unseen violent acts against [historical] heritage streets of Quito. They scared many families,” said Moreno, speaking on national television.

On October 13 the authorities under pressure from protesters agreed to cancel a decree that caused mass demonstrations. Opponents of the actions of the government in turn agreed to stop acts of disobedience.