The government proposes to ban the import of electricity from Belarus and Russia

The Cabinet of Ministers proposes the Verkhovna Rada to ban the import of electricity from Belarus and Russia.

Правительство предлагает запретить импорт электроэнергии из Беларуси и России

Ban want to establish until 31 December 2021, reports Hvylya, citing the information of the site of BP.

So, on June 15, the government submitted to Parliament the relevant draft law No. 3657.

The Cabinet offers up to 31 December 2021 to ban imports from Russia and Belarus of electricity through bilateral contracts to the market “day ahead”, vnutricletocny market, as well as balancing.

After this date the entire volume of electricity imported from States that are not members of the energy community will be available for sale exclusively at the market “day ahead” and balancing.

The law stipulates that the state enterprise “Guaranteed buyer” may sell “green” electricity at auctions, through bilateral contracts.