The government still cannot negotiate with the teachers ‘ Union (PHOTOS)

У правительства пока не получается договориться с профсоюзом учителей  (ФОТО)

The Minister of education of Ontario has shown signs of growing discontent in connection with the ongoing contract negotiations with the teachers Union.

On Friday, Steven Lecce commented after the Federation of secondary school teachers of Ontario (OSSTF) rejected the government’s proposal to revise the number of students in the classroom.

“Each party at the negotiating table should be reasonable and constructive in order to reach an agreement,” said Lecce during statements on increase in places in kindergartens Ontario.

“I was very reasonable. I do my best to make the learning process continued, but only my effort is not enough.”

OSSTF President Harvey Bischof said that they always offer options, which could lead to an agreement.

“I know this because I participate in the negotiations. Minister, I something have not watched, so maybe let him report on this in more detail than so far,” said Bischof in an interview 680 News.

Lecce added that the negotiations should cover not only salaries, noting that the Union insists on increasing by 2%.

Lecce explained that he wants the Union did not go beyond the 1 percent limit on salaries in the public sector made by the government.

“We need to be realistic. To some degree, volatility in these negotiations is that each side should show some flexibility, but at the moment everything is too one-sided”.

Yesterday Bischof called the “olive branch” of government deceit, stating that in the future the government may remove any notion of the restrictions of class size, and that, in fact, will allow the province indefinitely increase the number of students in the class.

“Given that they made it to the discussion yesterday, notably his statement that the main stumbling block is wages,” said Bischof.

He added that Lecce was put in a difficult position, being forced to become a conductor “approach Doug Ford to education”.

Contracts with all workers of education of the province expired at the end of August, and the government was involved in intensive discussions with all trade unions of education of the province since the beginning of the school year.