The government will sell another large property in the center of Kiev

Власти продадут еще один крупный отель в центре Киева


Hotel Ukraine can’t privatize for legal reasons

Today more than a billion hryvnia sold the hotel Dnipro. The sale also want to put the hotel Ukraine.

Public administration Affairs has included the hotel Ukraine in Kiev in the “second stage” of transmission for privatization. This was announced on Wednesday, July 15, Deputy HOOD Maria grabowska, resetinterval–Ukraine.

“Hotel Ukraine – it is our “second place”. It could be for sale, but it prevents a number of legal restrictions, disputes and nuances. It is the object on which we now operate,” she said.

According to Grabowska, unlike the first five transferred to the privatization of the HOOD, the objects from the “second stage” can’t be transferred to the state property Fund, for several legal reasons, however, the Agency is working on two objects from this list, including the hotel Ukraine.

However, she did not call the expected timing of transfer of the object.

We will remind, today was sold to the first object of the so-called large-scale privatization. Auction left the hotel Dnepr in the center of Kiev. In the course of trading its value increased by 14 times, from about 81 million USD to 1.1 billion.