The Governor of Georgia filed a lawsuit against the mayor of the state capital due to the requirement to wear masks

The Governor of Georgia Brian Kemp on Thursday, July 16, filed a lawsuit against the mayor of Atlanta Keisha lance bottoms and the city Council members in connection with their requirements for the wearing of masks and the strengthening of measures of social distancing during a pandemic coronavirus. It happened shortly after the state and the city experienced a new surge in the incidence, writes CBS News.

Губернатор Джорджии подал в суд на мэра столицы штата из-за требования носить маски

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According to the state Department of health, July 16 in Georgia were 3441 registered a new case of coronavirus, as well as 13 deaths and 244 hospitalizations.

The Governor said that the recent orders of the city may be “more strict” than his own orders, and bottoms “exceeded her powers”. Kemp wrote on Twitter that the lawsuit he filed “on behalf of the business owners of Atlanta and their hard-working employees who are struggling to survive these difficult times.”

“These men and women do their best to put food on the table for their families, while local elected officials close their businesses and undermine economic growth, wrote Kemp. I refuse to sit idly by and watch as disastrous policy threatens the lives and livelihoods of our citizens. We will fight to stop these reckless actions, and put people above pandemic policy.”

In the lawsuit, Kemp said that the recent orders bottoms create “uncertainty for citizens and business” in Atlanta. The lawsuit also says that some restaurants had closed due to the belief of the owners that it was “necessary to avoid enforcement action from the city.”

The lawsuit States that the mandatory requirement of wearing masks and observance of social distance will lead to the fact that people will suffer “immediate and irreparable harm”. It is also noted that the city Council “has no authority” to make regulations that are contrary to the orders of the Governor.

The attorney General of Georgia Christopher Carr wrote on Twitter that this is a trial of “the rule of law.”

“The Constitution gives @GovKemp Governor [of the Camp] the main Executive power of the state, including during a state of emergency in public health. @CityofAtlanta [Atlanta Power] can’t continue to consciously enter the orders unenforceable,” wrote Carr on Twitter.

Wednesday, July 15, Kemp expressly forbade the authorities of cities and districts of the state of Georgia to require people to wear masks in public places, despite the increase in the number of cases of infection with coronavirus in the state. At least 15 local governments in the state, including the authorities of Atlanta, Augusta and hometown of the Governor of Athens-Clarke, introduced a requirement to wear masks after the camp focused on encouraging people to do this voluntarily.

Kemp has banned meetings of more than 50 people and declared a state of emergency until at least August 11.

In accordance with the order of the mayor of Atlanta, all persons under the jurisdiction of the Atlanta international airport Hartsfield-Jackson, with the exception of those who is a clear exception (including children under 10 years of age) must wear a mask or facial covering in public. The order also prohibits the meeting of more than 10 people in the territories of ownership in Atlanta, in addition to private enterprises or institutions.

According to representatives of the Department of health of Georgia, in the three counties — DeKalb, Fulton and GWINNETT — recorded more than a quarter of all cases of coronavirus in the state total more than 33 800 cases.

The very mayor bottoms recently received a positive test result for coronavirus.

“My family and I were among 106 thousand people who have test COVID-19 was positive. Meanwhile, @GovKemp [Governor Kemp] filed on me in court because of the masks. It is better to use taxpayers ‘ money to expand testing and contact tracing,” wrote bottoms July 16, on Twitter.

In another tweet, she stressed that the order in which it pursues Kemp, is “RECOMMENDED guidelines” as part of the plans for the first phase at the exit of the city from the quarantine.

Tuesday, July 14, a representative of the Centers for disease control (CDC) urged residents to wear masks, as research shows that they help to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“We are not helpless before COVID-19 — stated in its press release, CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield. — Fabric coverings for the face are one of the most powerful tools that we have to use to slow and stop the spread of the virus, especially if everybody would be doing it. All Americans are responsible for protecting themselves, their families and their communities.”





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