The grandson of Nazarbayev received a year of probation for biting a police officer in London (PHOTOS)

The grandson of the first President of Kazakhstan, the 28-year-old Aysultan Nazarbayev sentenced to one year of probation for assaulting a police officer in London, reports “Russian service of BBC”.

“Nazarbayev is found guilty that he, being under the influence of drugs, resisted the police, hit and bit one of them. According to investigators, on the arm of a police officer left a deep bite mark, and from the wound “profusely bleeding”, – stated in the message.

The sentence involves probation of 18 months, continued drug treatment, community service and a fine. If during the probation period, the Nazarbayev will violate the law, the verdict will be of real conditional. The grandson of the Kazakh leader must carry out 140 hours community service and undergo mandatory 20 sessions on drug treatment and also to pay a fine of 1 thousand pounds and to pay 5 thousand pounds in damages.

June 3 this year, Aysultan Nazarbayev made a fuss at a hotel in Central London. He ran to the balcony and threatened to commit suicide. The administration called the police. On 5 June a similar incident was repeated in the flat in Tavistock street in London. Nazarbayev was on the balcony and cried out something. The neighbors thought he was shouting terrorist slogans and called the police. According to the defense, Nazarbayev chanted the word “Allah” because he asked for help.

The incident began with the fact that Nazarbayev got into the apartment of a girl named Ksenia Sheveleva. She says she doesn’t know Nazarbayev. Apparently, he got into her apartment through the balcony furniture on the balcony and inside the apartment damaged, as well as other things. She found in the drawer of his Desk, passport and wallet Nazarbayev, and in the washing machine – it things. Damage to the apartment and things of a girl estimated to be 5 thousand pounds. She also was experiencing fear and trouble sleeping after the incident.

For a place to call one of the local residents policeman arrived, which Nazarbayev ordered to lie on the floor and not move, but he didn’t listen and moved in the direction of a police officer. One at least three times used a Taser.

At some point, Nazarbayev was able to rip the Taser, which filed the charge, and attacked a police officer. According to the police report, the grandson of the Kazakh leader in total tried to resist the actions of the police during the 53 minutes. The police left a scar, he needed time to restore confidence and confidence in continuing the service.

In a report from the Priory clinic, where Nazarbayev was treated for drug addiction, said he followed the direction of physicians and have shown great progress in the treatment. The judge said she took into account advances in treatment and decided that further treatment should continue at liberty. Lawyer Nazarbayev on his behalf said that was a great relief on hearing the verdict, and he was pleased with the verdict, saying that his client embarked on the path of correction.

According to the prosecution, initially, the representatives of Kazakhstan tried to hush up the case: the police received a call from a “representative of the Kazakh authorities” who tried to enter into negotiations in order “not to embarrass family Nazarbaevym”, however, the police “contact refused”. Passport of the grandson ex-the President of Kazakhstan were seized.