The Greek police has applied in the centre of Athens tear gas to disperse the students (PHOTO)

Полиция Греции применила в центре Афин слезоточивый газ для разгона студентов (ФОТО)

Riot police used Thursday in Central Athens tear gas to disperse groups of students who were trying to break through the cordons to the Greek Parliament, according to news portal

According to him, the scuffle of students by law enforcement officers came to the walls of Parliament, the passages which were blocked by police buses. Students with red flags in their hands tried to beat them on the boards of special forces soldiers, and those in reply applied tear gas. One of the smaller containers with the same gas was hit in the head 19-year-old student, whose ambulance was taken to a local hospital.

The students carried out a protest March demanding the abolition of government adopted a new law authorizing police to enter the territory of universities to curb illegal actions. For many years the Greek universities enjoyed the right of extraterritoriality, and the entrance of police was allowed only with the permission of the administration. But the administration of the universities, as a rule, these permits were not given for fear of subsequent acts of vandalism in the classrooms.

It was used by the anarchists, according to TASS, turning some of the universities a base for the preparation of “Molotov cocktails”, which they pelted police during their raids.

On Thursday in the centre of Athens must pass and other protests. So, the General Federation of employees of local self-government announced on October 24 a 24-hour nationwide strike of all its employees, in connection with which, in particular, of the trash cans on the streets are not cleaned of accumulated waste. The Union is opposed to intervention by the Parliament of the bill which, in his opinion, will lead to the privatization of the garbage service, landscaping and electrification in the municipalities. Union activists fear that these works will be outsourced to private firms, and municipal officials are waiting for dismissal.

The Supreme Council of the Union of public sector (ADEDY) called on workers to massively come to the meeting on Thursday at 17:00 at the Central Athens Syntagma (“Constitution”) outside Parliament to demand from the deputies “not to adopt the new antirabies measures” provided for in the bill about economic development.

Separate rallies in Central Athens has planned for the evening of the Athens labor center and the Union “pan-Hellenic fighting front” (PAME), close to the Communist party of Greece.