“The grocery store”: one last for Denis Gagné

“L’”epicerie: one last for Denis Gagné


The team of the magazine specializing in food “L'Epicerie” pays tribute to Denis Gagné on the occasion of his very last show, this Wednesday, he who has been there since the beginning.

This final meeting of the journalist will be broadcast this Wednesday, at 7:30 p.m., with many archive images to remind you of all the progress made. Through the show, Quebecers have discovered many flavors while the product offering in the markets has increased considerably.

Denis Gagné's first co-host from 2002 to 2007, Marie-Josée Taillefer, will be back to greet his comrade from the start. Johane Despins, who succeeded the latter, will also not fail to pay tribute to her co-host for the past 15 years.

We can also discover how the show has changed and positively influenced certain people – the mandate of “L’Épicerie” being precisely to discover and broaden the perspectives of Quebecers in terms of food for two decades. Many even learned French after their arrival in Quebec by not missing the show, which is presented 50 weeks a year.

Salt has been decried since the departure of “The Grocery”, but that has not prevented it from maintaining a good position in the list of ingredients of many processed products, even if it endangers the health of many people. .

Denis Gagné said, in an interview with Radio-Canada, following the announcement of his departure, that he wanted to get out of his comfort zone and that he “craved vertigo from the blank page”.

He will have a foretaste of it at the end of his last broadcast, when he will enter the new Maison de Radio-Canada to the warm applause of his colleagues. . We will also see all the funny moments, his dance steps as well as the complicity with his co-hosts and with the various speakers who have shared their know-how over the years.

The host who takes his leave has also worked at TQS, the ancestor of Noovo, as well as at Télé-Québec. He says he will “join the viewers” ​​and therefore watch “The Grocery”. The show continues its journey throughout the summer. At the start of the school year, journalist and host Myriam Fehmiu will become Johane Despins' new accomplice.