The gross external debt of Ukraine decreased by $1.4 billion

Валовый внешний долг Украины снизился на $1,4 млрд

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Ukraine will pay more than $ 6 billion for the quarter

At the moment most of the external debt owed by private sector $68.8 bn

For the first quarter of 2020, the gross external debt of Ukraine decreased $1.41 billion (1.2%) and amounted to $120,33 billion, according to the national Bank.

Relative to GDP, the debt declined from 78.6% to 76%.

It is noted that the external debt of the public sector in the first quarter decreased by $0.3 billion to $51.5 billion (32.6% of GDP).

The external liabilities of the government increased by $0.1 billion to $44.6 billion (28.2% of GDP) due to net attraction from the issue of bonds of external state loan of $1.4 billion, and debt reduction on government bonds to non-residents by $0.7 billion due to exchange rate changes and net payments on loans from international partners in the $0.5 billion (IMF – $0.2 billion).

However, the external debt of the national Bank decreased due to the repayment of debt owed to the IMF by $0.4 billion to $6.9 billion

As a result of changes in foreign exchange share of external liabilities of the General state administration was reduced by $0.9 billion, of which due to changes in the SDR rate on $140 million.

At the same time private sector debt decreased YTD by $1.1 billion to us $68,8 billion (43.5% of GDP).

The national Bank said that the volume of overdue debts of the real sector on unsecured loans, including from direct investors decreased for the quarter by $1.2 billion to $21.2 billion (13.4% of GDP).

In accordance with the schedule of scheduled payments on the external debt in the third quarter of 2020 Ukraine plans to pay $6.2 billion