The guard of the British ex-Prime Minister accidentally left a loaded gun in an airplane bathroom

A police bodyguard assigned to former British Prime Minister, David Cameron, were suspended from their duties for the mistake, which many would consider unforgivable. About it writes BBC.

Охранник британского экс-премьера случайно забыл заряженный пистолет в туалете самолета

Photo: Depositphotos

According to media reports, he left a loaded gun, and, according to some, their own passport and the passport of David Cameron in the toilet of the aircraft of British Airways, flying from new York to London.

The Glock 17 and the documents were discovered by one of the passengers who were shocked by this discovery and handed it to the commander of an aircraft.

The Royal family and senior politicians supposed police protection and bodyguards are entitled to carry on Board a personal weapon. However, to demonstrate it, and even more to forget in the bathroom, to put it mildly not recommended.

“The commander of the aircraft has confirmed the discovery of the gun and said the weapon is returned to the owner, but this is just even more scared of people,” said one of the passengers.

After a short hesitation, the pilot turned to the passengers and said that the weapon removed from the plane then the flight back to London.

The incident occurred on January 27. “Since the officer is suspended from duty, said Scotland yard. — We are extremely serious about this case and started an internal investigation”.

“The takeoff was normal”

“We follow the rules of the civil aviation Administration that authorize the officers of the British police to carry on Board aircraft weapons in special circumstances, — said the representative of British Airways. — Our crew quickly dealt with the situation before takeoff, and the flight was normal”.

David Cameron led the British government for six years and resigned in July 2016 after a referendum in which the inhabitants of the country were in favour of a British exit from the EU.


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