The gynecology waiting list is growing in Estrie

The gynecology waiting list is getting longer in Estrie


Waiting lists for gynecology and obstetrics are getting longer in Estrie, a backlash from the pandemic that women are bearing the brunt of. 

No less of 294 women have been waiting for a gynecological operation for over a year in the region.

Cathy Boisvert is one of them. The 45-year-old lady has been on a waiting list for a hysterectomy, an operation to remove the uterus, for 14 months now.

The wait is unbearable for the one who must compose, daily, with many ailments, such as heavy bleeding and migraines.

The number of women who have been waiting for gynecological surgery for more than a year has increased significantly compared to 2020, so that this number was 14.

Other patients are also on this waiting list. In fact, 581 women wait less than six months, while 293 have been waiting for six to twelve months.

Accessibility to the operating room explains this problem in particular, while 60% of the rooms are operational at the CIUSSS de Estrie-CHUS since the pandemic.

The Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Quebec did not wish to position itself in this file