‘The hardest week’: in the United States began the phase of the peak of deaths from coronavirus

The United States entered “the week of peak mortality” from the coronavirus, as described by one official. Against this background, the Federal Supervisory authority reported that hospitals are struggling to maintain and expand its ability to care for infected patients. This writes the “Voice of America”.

'Самая тяжелая неделя': в США начался этап пиковой смертности от коронавируса

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The number of deaths from the coronavirus in the United States on Tuesday, April 7, exceeded 11 thousand, and is rapidly approaching the indicators of Italy and Spain, where victims of the disease were 16 thousand and 12.5 thousand people, respectively.

“This will be the peak week of hospitalization, peak revenues in the ICU and, unfortunately, peak mortality,” said the doctor and member of the working group of the White house on coronavirus Admiral Brett Girua, speaking in the program “Good morning America” on channel ABC.

He expressed particular concern with the situation in the States of new York, new Jersey and Connecticut, as well as in Detroit.

Speaking at the briefing in the White house dedicated to the coronavirus, the US President Donald trump said that the number of victims COVID-19 this week will increase.

“Most likely, it will be the hardest week. Unfortunately, there will be many deaths, but less than if we did nothing, he said. We come to the moment when they do very poor numbers. We want these figures were much lower than they will be. And we’ll do it. I believe that we probably never seen anything like it, is only possible during war.”

Girua also appeared in the program “Today” on NBC, where he said: “Regardless of whether you live in a small American town or in new York, are all susceptible to this disease, and everyone should observe safety precautions, about which we spoke.”

Orders of the state governors about the restrictions on out-of-home has touched over 90% of Americans. Only eight States have not yet introduced such restrictions.

The report of the office of the inspector General of the Department of health and human services showed that “acute shortage” of materials for testing and the long wait for results limit the ability of hospitals to monitor the health of staff and patients.

“Hospitals have also described significant difficulties with the preservation and empowerment to care for patients,” says the report, presented as a slice of the problems that hospitals faced in mid-March. Steps are being taken to address these issues, the document says.

Office of the inspector General noted that “the conflicting guidance of Federal agencies, state governments and municipalities” was confusing hospitals and the public, while a large-scale shortage of personal protective equipment posed a threat to hospital staff and patients.

Despite dire warnings, at least one model of the development of events gives hope that the mortality rate began to decline.

The model developed by the University of Washington are referenced by some Federal officials and representatives of States, currently predicts 81766 of deaths from the coronavirus to the August 4, 12 thousand less compared with the forecast made earlier.

The model is regularly updated as new information becomes available, predicts the peak demand for hospital beds on 15 April and daily mortality at the level of 3130 people on April 16.





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