The Hardkiss presented a new video about love and nenavesti

Rock band The Hardkiss has released a music video for the song in the Ukrainian language — “Live”.

The video appeared on the official YouTube channel of the group.

The single was dedicated to love, women’s rebirth and hatred.

The Hardkiss презентовали новый клип о любви и ненавести

“The blood in the picture The Hardkiss appeared for the first time. Know that someone story seem dark, but the vampires without blood — it’s not our movie. We are so overworked with mysticism that at the end of filming there was an emergency. Pyrotechnics failed and I flared dress. But thank you, I “Live”. — said the soloist Julia Sanin.

3 hours after posting, the video has gained almost 50 thousand and 6.5 thousand likes.