The harvest of winter cereals will be reduced by more than 10%

Ukrainian farmers in the season of 2020 will gather 28-30 million tons of winter grain vs 31.8 mln t in the previous year.

Урожай озимых зерновых сократится более чем на 10%

This forecast was shared by the analyst on the questions of agrarian sector company, Concorde Capital Adrey Perederei, according to AgroPortal.

According to him, fall under harvest 2020 farmer planted of 8.95 million hectares, the area Sown to winter wheat declined by 0.6% year-on-year, amounting to of 6.41 million hectares are Also planted 1.05 million hectares of barley 3.9% more than in the previous season.

According to the expectations of the Ministry of economic development, trade and selskogo agriculture, the total grain harvest will be about 65-70 million t. For comparison, in 2019, farmers raised to 75.1 million tonnes.

“The forecast of the Ministry, involving the reduction of the volume of the grain harvest for 7-13%, looks most likely due to record-high temperatures and low soil moisture in winter period”, — quote Predarea at Concorde Capital.

In General, the analyst notes that in 2020 the agricultural sector will not have a positive effect on growth of Ukraine’s GDP, while last year the real growth in agriculture amounted to 1.1%.