The head coach of Manchester city: “Yes, I have bought a flat in Ukraine”

Главный тренер "Манчестер Сити": "Да я уже купил квартиру в Украине"

Guardiola during an open training session in Kharkiv

Today in Kharkov will host the first round match of the group stage of the Champions League, where Shakhtar will face Manchester city.

On the eve of the representatives of the visiting team gave a press-conference on which the special attention of the journalists was riveted to the head coach of citizens Josep Guardiola.

The Catalan said that he is each time fun to play against “Shakhtar”, despite the fact that the frequency of meetings of the teams with Shakhtar is through the roof.

“Not tired to play against Shakhtar? Yeah, I already bought an apartment here! citing the official website of Shakhtar Guardiola. – I played against Shakhtar many times, with Barcelona, Bayern Munich and now Manchester city. Come here almost every season, I’m used to and I really like it,” said Josep

“Play with “miner” every time I wonder and all the matches are similar to each other. It was hard to resist the team Lucescu. Remember great players who played at Shakhtar: Srna, Willian – just super! When he came to Fonseca, the team was also well organized. Of course, taison, Marlos and Stepanenko are great players who control the ball in midfield and on the outskirts of our penalty. Know that the center is no longer Rakitskiy, but a new Central defender is also really works. The same Pyatov only continues to gain experience and become better. In addition, the style of Shakhtar’s game in the short passing and quick counterattacks, which disperse taison and Marlos is always difficult for any team,” said the coach of Champions of England.

“I want to say that Shakhtar’s style is quite unusual for us team, she plays not, as the majority of teams the Premier League. It will be difficult and interesting. I also want to say that I have great respect for Shakhtar.

I know about the new coach of “Shakhtar” Louise Castro? Personally, we haven’t met, but two or three games under his leadership I have seen. If I want to know coach, you are watching the matches of his team. This is exactly what I do in this case. And, of course, try to beat him”, – has optimistically added Guardiola.