The head of Board NAK “Naftogaz” reported on the progress of negotiations with Gazprom

The head of Board NAK “Naftogaz” Andrew KOBOLEV said that in Vienna, the negotiations with “Gazprom” while there is no agreed text of the gas agreements, though the work is intense.

Глава правления НАК «Нафтогаз» отчитался о ходе переговоров с Газпромом

The Head of Board NAK “Naftogaz” has announced on his Facebook page, reports Wave.

“It is clear that the struggle is for every comma. There is some progress, but the agreed text as of this moment, no,” — said the Korolev.

According to him, the work continues in three areas, such as inter-operator agreement OHTSU-Gazprom, agreement on the organization of transit and settlement agreement on the settlement of mutual claims on contracts.

“1. Inter-operator agreement between OHTSU and Gazprom is a document that defines technical regulations and rules of interaction between operators of interconnecting networks,” — said the official.

He also stressed on the importance of such agreements with all neighbouring operators for stable and transparent operation of the GTS.

“2. The agreement on the organization of transit between Naftogaz and Gazprom,” continued Korolev.

The head of the Board said that the sides discussed the organization of the transit between the companies. Specifically, the conditions of flow of gas to the Ukrainian gas transportation system for the next five years.

“3. The settlement agreement that Naftogaz and Gazprom will recognize the settlement of mutual claims on contracts of 2009,” wrote Andrew KOBOLEV.

He also added that on this agreement there are active discussions on the principles and guarantees and that the Ukrainian side is ready to abandon its claims only in exchange for something of equal value.

Also the head of “Naftogaz” stressed that these negotiations are discussed lawsuits to seize company assets in the occupied Crimea, obligation direct purchase from the Russians, the Antimonopoly Committee fines and debts Yanukovych.