The head of Bolivia Evo Morales announced the resignation and left the country’s capital (PHOTOS)

Глава Боливии Эво Моралес заявил об уходе в отставку и покинул столицу страны (ФОТО)

The President of Bolivia, Evo Morales announced his retirement after the army demanded his resignation. The head of state on the plane flew from the capital, reports the newspaper El Deber.

On his resignation, Morales said after his departure from the capital to the province of Cochabamba. According to him, the decision to leave his post, he took to “staged a coup, opposition leaders have ceased to burn down the homes of ordinary people.” While Morales has promised not to abandon the struggle and called on the leaders of the Bolivian opposition “to stop the violence.”

Morales expressed hope that the unrest will stop in the next day. In his opinion, the Organization of American States adopted a political decision on the results of the elections, calling on authorities to conduct a re-vote. He added that if the decision was legal, it would mean his victory in the first round.

In addition, the resignation of Vice-President álvaro garcía Liner, the speaker of the chamber of deputies Victor Borda, Minister of planning and coordination of Bolivia Mariana Prado, the President of the Supreme electoral court of Argentina, Maria Eugenia Choque, head of the customs Department Marlene Ardaya, the public Prosecutor Pablo Diederich, as well as several senators.

Later, the speaker of the Senate of Bolivia, adriana Salvatierra, which, under the Constitution, had to move the power in the country, has also resigned. “We want this conflict to end… I announce my resignation, in the same way, as did the Evo and Alvaro”, – leads edition of the words of the speaker of the Senate.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Mexico, Marcelo Ebrard, said that the country is ready to grant asylum to ex-President of Bolivia, Evo Morales on the territory of the Embassy in La Paz, where there are 20 officials and deputies.

“Mexico, according to its tradition of asylum and non-interference, adopted at the Embassy in La Paz twenty-Bolivian officials and deputies. The proposed refuge and also Evo Morales”, – Ebrard wrote on Twitter.

Earlier, a local TV station Unitel showed a video in which Morales ‘ plane leaving the international airport of El Alto, located in the suburbs of the capital of Bolivia La Paz. According to the Los Tiempos, the plane landed in the Central part of the country, at the airport Chimore (Cochabamba Department). Bolivian radio PioDoce reported that the crew of the aircraft requested permission from Argentina to fly over the territory of the country, but was refused.

Earlier, armed forces of Bolivia have demanded the Morales. “Analyzing the internal conflict in the country, we ask the President to abandon his presidential mandate, which will allow to restore peace and maintain stability for the benefit of Bolivia,” said the commander of the armed forces Williams Kaliman (quoted by Reuters). In addition, the Bolivian armed forces carried out air and ground operation to “neutralize” armed groups operating outside the law. What about the groups in question, the military statement is not specified.

The Cuban leadership sees the resignation of Morales as a coup. On Sunday Minister of foreign Affairs of the island, Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla. “The Cuban foreign Ministry strongly condemns the coup d’etat in Bolivia and expresses its solidarity with the brother President [of Bolivia] Evo Morales, a hero and a symbol of the struggle of the indigenous peoples of our America. We call for global mobilization [to fight] for the life and freedom Evo” – wrote the diplomat in Twitter.

The President of Cuba Miguel Diaz-Kanel ‘ noted that the event is endangering democracy in Bolivia. “The right [policy] with violent and cowardly coup threatens democracy in Bolivia. We Express our energetic condemnation of the coup and solidarity with the brother President Evo Morales”, – the politician wrote on Twitter.

The head of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro has also referred to the resignation of Morales the coup, saying on Twitter that “political and social movements of the world, announcing the mobilization to demand to save the lives of Bolivian indigenous peoples, victims of racism”.

The crisis in Bolivia started after the presidential elections, which ended with the victory of Morales. However, the opposition felt that during the voting were violated. Began protests in which the opposition began to move by the police.

On 10 November, the Organization of American States who send observers to the elections, also stated the violations. Morales then announced that he agreed to new elections and the resignation of the leadership of the CEC. However, the opposition demanded his resignation and refusal to participate in the new campaign.