The head of national Bank predicts decline in mortgage rates

In the course of this year the discount rate could fall to 7%, which will allow in this case to reduce mortgage rates to 10%.

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This was stated by the head of the National Bank Yakov Smoliy in interview to the edition “Focus”, reports UNN.

“In our baseline scenario, the NBU discount rate during the year reduced to 7%. It will be broadcast to a decline in interest rates throughout the economy. That is, Deposit rates will gradually move to a unique level, followed by reduced interest rates on loans. If a mortgage is now you can take by 14-15% in the foreseeable future, with the further reform it may be around 10%,” — said resin.

According to him, you need to understand that the cost of credit in addition to the price of the resource itself has other components — for example, risks that are laid by the Bank in making decision.

“If to speak about the mortgage, these are the risks associated with developers and insufficiently transparent mechanisms for the maintenance of this business. There is also the risk of failure to recover and to realize collateral because do not end up a reformed judicial system, which frequently decides in favor of the lenders. These are the factors that will hinder the reduction of rates,” — said resin.