The head of the customs service estimated the volume of contraband

The head of the State customs service Maxim nefodov said that the state customs Committee is completing the process of expert assessment of the amount of contraband.

Глава таможенной службы оценил объемы контрабанды

He said this in an interview with RBC-Ukraine.

He noted that the amount will be equal to several tens of billions of hryvnia. Stressing that the exact size of the contraband at the moment, it is difficult to estimate. Thus, more accurate figures are expected in late February.

“We are about to finish their peer review. Think it is within several tens of billions of hryvnia, but rather will be able to say somewhere on the horizon of the month. We go, rather, not from the schemes and from commodity categories and of the market valuation of the share of goods that may be imported “in the gray”, — said nefodov.

In addition to this, the head of the state customs Committee stressed that smuggled around the world are the same. “If you communicate with the poles or the Americans, they will call you, in principle, the same scheme that we have. If someone thinks that “blazers” is a purely Ukrainian know-how, you can see what else has been happening recently on the border between Hong Kong and mainland China. In Hong Kong some of the cheapest electronic goods in the world due to the nature of their taxation. The truck came with the phones, out of 500 Chinese who had just arrived from the village, each took one phone and carried through the checkpoint, then handed over to another truck and so a few times,” he says.