The head of the Department of Finance told the details about the next round of quarantine payments

Sunday, 26 July, senior officials from the administration of U.S. President Donald trump said that the Republicans will include another round of Federal assistance in connection with the coronavirus in its proposal for the bill, HEROES, which will be released this week. This writes Forbes.

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“Checks for $1 200 will still be part of the new package of assistance in connection with the coronavirus,” said Sunday, 26 July, economic Advisor to the White house Larry Kudlow.

The head of the Department of Finance Steve Mnuchin also mentioned about the checks, saying that the Americans will get a second payment in August.

Mnuchin and Kudlow said that weekly unemployment benefits of $600 does not encourage people to go back to work.

Two other Republican Senator, Marco Rubio of Florida and Tom Tillis from North Carolina, are working to include about 2 million US citizens married to foreigners who were denied the opportunity to obtain the first payment at the direction of the White house due to the fact that their spouse did not have valid social security numbers.

What to expect

According to Stephen Mnuchin, Republicans will present his proposal Monday, July 27. In addition to checks, Kudlow said that the Federal government will extend the moratorium on evictions, introduced in March, which means that tenants will not lose their homes because they could not pay the rent. Kudlow also said that for Americans returning to work, will be a bonus for re-employment.


The speaker of the house of representatives Nancy Pelosi said that increased unemployment payments and other benefits “very important” and spoke out against the Republicans to tie the payment to the loss of wages.

“The reason we decided to pay $600, was simplicity. Why don’t we just make everything simple?”, said Pelosi.

Key factors

The eligibility criteria for receiving the second check is likely to coincide with the first round recipients must have annual wages of no more than $75, 000 to receive a check for $1 200. Trump had previously supported the plan of the second round of payments, which many Democrats agree.

Republicans, however, were divided, with some lawmakers suggesting that this time the checks were issued in smaller numbers in accordance with other requirements of the recipients.

In the first round of payments checks came in the names of the dead. Up to $1.4 billion was allocated to the deceased.


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