The head of the intelligence service of Russia – the poisoning of Skipala and the United States attempts to rule the world’

The head of the foreign intelligence Service (SVR) Russia Sergey Naryshkin in an interview to the BBC journalist Steve Rosenberg said that the US is trying to rule the world, while Russia defends its national interests, including when defending the truth about the events of the Second world war.

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For the first time in the modern history of the Western journalists were allowed into the headquarters of the SVR, where he took the conversation.

Naryshkin explained why, in his opinion, the growing tension between Russia and the West.

“Some politicians in the West, in my opinion, have any undue expectations. They felt that peace can rule from a single center. This center is called Washington. Need to remember this all, including politicians who are on the other side of the Atlantic,” — said Naryshkin.

He also said that accusing Russia of conducting a campaign of disinformation about coronavirus are not true.

“Isn’t is misinformation the actual figures that Russia is sincerely offered to help Italy in the fight against the pandemic coronavirus and sent to this country — a friendly country — a few dozen or even hundreds of military doctors, a large number of equipment. What is disinformation?” — said the head of the SVR.

The West may lack confidence in relation to Russia at the moment, if you look at some recent events, such as poisoning in Salisbury. Britain believes Russia is behind this, Itachi says that trust is lacking on both sides.

“Trust is lacking on both sides. We have no confidence in the officials of the British government. The expression “highly likely” we are not persuaded by anything. And if we talk about trust, of course, we are very, I would say, regret that the trust is reduced as a result of actions like what is happening today. Here’s the latest political developments: statement of the United States of America withdrawal from the Treaty on open skies. After all, this agreement is a significant part of what we now call a trust. Well, is it possible to ruin the Treaty? — said Naryshkin. — Russia, like any other state, truly sovereign, to protect their national interests. National interests and the present and future it is the past. The victory was paid a very dear price, a price of more than 27 million lives of my compatriots. Many young people in Western and now Eastern Europe sincerely believe that the United States defeated Nazi Germany, defeated the Nazis and liberated Europe. And you know, such ignorance is brought not by chance, but consciously so, to have this idea that all good things in the past and in the present is associated with one country — the United States of America.”



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