The head of the NBU received half a million hryvnia per month

In January 2020, the head of the National Bank of Ukraine Yakov Smoliy received three salaries, the total of which amounted to 597 870 UAH.

Глава НБУ получил полмиллиона гривен за месяц

As reported Hvilya, stated in his Declaration.

Thus, the resin 15 January 2020 declared receiving a salary at the main place of work, the amount of 200 000 UAH. January 28 was declared the salaries of a size of 180 585 UAH. Also the third time the head of the national Bank have declared the payment of salaries in the amount of UAH 217 285 31 Jan.

Consequently in line with the three declared salaries for January 2020 received 597 870 UAH of wages.