The head of the Philippines is allowed to shoot at the officials demanding a bribe (PHOTO)

Глава Филиппин разрешил стрелять в чиновников, требующих взятки (ФОТО)

The President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte allowed citizens to shoot government officials demanding bribes. According to the newspaper Manila Bulletin, Duterte offered to shoot corrupt officials in the legs to avoid imprisonment.

“If you pay taxes, fees, customs duties and so on, and these fools ask for money, hit them. If you have a weapon you can shoot them but not kill them, because otherwise you might not get a pardon in the outcome of the proceedings,” said Duterte. According to him, the only measure against any who shoot at officials who violate the law will be “only serious corporal punishment”, but not imprisonment.

Duterte said that corruption is a widespread problem in the country, and urged citizens to defend their rights and to report every case of corruption or an offence involving officials. He said that if the incident comes to his attention, he will call that officer and allow the applicant citizen is to hit offender in the face.

Elected in may 2016 the President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte in favour of tough measures in the fight against offenders. The world community has repeatedly condemned the methods of combating drug trafficking in the Philippines. UN experts in human rights condemned the methods of the Philippine authorities, urged them to prevent indiscriminate killings and to refuse execution of suspects in respect to which was conducted a full trial. As a candidate, Duterte said he was willing to kill their own children if they try drugs.

In August 2017 he called the police to kill on the spot suspected drug dealers who resist arrest. In February 2018, he ordered the soldiers of the government army not to kill women-rebels, to shoot at their vaginas as it is, in his opinion, will make women useless. Human rights activists have called 72-year-old head of state is a woman hater.