The head of the State customs service, told about achievements and plans for the new year

The head of the State customs service Maxim nefodov said that in the new reformed custom was transferred about 500 “odious” members of the State fiscal service.

Глава Государственной таможенной службы рассказал о достижениях и планах на новый год

He stated it in his congratulatory video message to the Ukrainians for the New year.

The head of customs congratulated compatriots on the new year and has summarized the results of work of customs service in 2019.

“In 2019 we took the first steps to create a new Ukrainian customs, which we all, as taxpayers, can be proud of. We isolated her from the old State fiscal service, was transferred there more odious 500 employees, we reduced the number of offices and administrative staff. Finally, we commissioned a long-term construction such as a stationary scanning systems which must work for the taxpayers, to look for contraband and to protect our borders,” — said nefodov.

He also said that in 2020 plans to do more.

Among the plans of the head of a new custom: to create a new convenience to customers of IT services continue to change the customs legislation. Also in the custom plan to upgrade the infrastructure and to reconstruct the 12 checkpoints in order to queue was smaller.

We will remind, the new Ukrainian customs service began to function on December 8th. It reduced the number of regional customs offices from 26 to 16, created calculator calculate payments for customs clearance of cars, also launched a test portal and a call center for citizens ‘ complaints.

The new customs 2020 budget pledged 480 million.