The head of the state property Fund announced the return of “Centrenergo” under state control

Head of the SPF Dmytro Sennichenko announced the return of “Centrenergo” under state control.

He said this on his Facebook page, reports Wave.

Глава ФГИ объявил о возвращении «Центрэнерго» под контроль государства

“We made conclusions after the previous unsuccessful attempts to appoint a new head of the company, and held a one-day lightning-fast operation: the decision of the court, the meeting of the Supervisory Board, making changes to the registry and performance of the new head of “Centrenergo” Alexander Korchinsky. All this today, just for 4-5 hours,” wrote Sennichenko.

According to him, the next step will be to establish the real state “Centrenergo” and the transformation of the company from “the black hole of the Ukrainian budget, which disappeared about 100 billion hryvnia in 2004” in attractive for privatization object.

At the same time, former MP Serhiy Leshchenko said that, in anticipation of a possible assault, he moved the Central office of “Centrenergo” and barricade him in one of the resorts in Obukhiv district of Kyiv region.

In turn, the SPF website States that “Centrenergo” in recent years, has become a “center of corruption”, and today in the Unified register of judgments registered more than 17 thousand documents involving the company.

“Centrenergo” several times to stop their work.

So, in 2004, was an attempt to bring the enterprise to the artificial bankruptcy.

In the years 2015-16 was questionable purchases through the company of the strip of the Russian Federation and ORDO.

In addition, vuglegirska TPP terminated through an artificially created shortage of coal in 2015.