The head of the Tax says that the abuse of the “cashback” will not

Verlanov explained the essence of the new law

The mechanism of kesbeke – payment of the cost of services or shopping – cannot be used for non-issuance of the check. This was stated by the head of the State tax service (STS) Sergey Varlamov.

Глава Налоговой уверяет, что злоупотреблений с «кэшбеком» не будет

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According to him, the mechanism is only possible if partially fiscalizadoras purchase (if not all of the positions of the check shown on the tax service server) or defiscalisation check (if a check issued by the buyer is not visible on the server of the Agency).

“If the check is not issued, the question of kesbeke cannot be applied, but there is a penalty for failure to check”, — said Varlamov.

However, he added that cashback can be used to buy more expensive 850 UAH.

September 20 the Verkhovna Rada approved the bill No. 1073 of kesbeke, which introduces from 1 October 2020 payment to the buyer the purchase price in case of detection of violations during the settlement operation.

General rules of use of payment transactions recorders for all “edinschikov” 2-4 groups will operate from 1 January 2021 the increase in the boundary income of taxpayer 2 groups from 1.5 to 2.5 million UAH million UAH.

Adopted September 20, the Verkhovna Rada of the law (project No. 1073) provides the ability for a buyer to obtain part of the fine to the seller for the incorrect check. This was at the briefing said the head of the State tax service (STS) Sergey Varlamov, the correspondent of RBC-Ukraine.

As noted by Verlanov, it’s part of the whole package management software of payment transactions.

According to him, to receive money it is necessary that the seller gave the wrong check. “If the check is not issued, then in fact, cashback can not be applied, and there is a penalty for non-issuance of the check,” he said.

If the buyer will go to your email account on the website of the State tax service and find discrepancies between the issued check and data that the seller sent the tax, he may file a complaint.

“And if indeed there was a violation, shall be fined in the amount of 150% of the purchase price, of which a portion is accordingly charged to the state budget, and part goes to the applicant,” — said Varlamov.

Identification of the buyer who issued the check violations, in the case of a complaint to the seller is insuring the option from using the mechanism of cashback for competition.

This was stated by the head of the State tax service Sergey Varlamov. Broadcast of the press briefing on Monday, September 23, led channel NEWSONE.

In his opinion, this method is to fuse the complaining.

“The obvious fuse is the identity of the Complainant in the “electronic office.” That is, individuals with a specific identification code, everyone knows where the appellant,” said Varlamov.

He noted that the cashback can be applied toward purchases, the cost of which is above 850 hryvnia. However, it is not possible, if you do not get a check.