The head of the village Council alone is opposed to offshore gas companies

In Ukraine, the head of the village Council Maxim Golosnoy resists offshore gas companies of Cyprus.

Глава сельсовета в одиночку противостоит оффшорным газовым компаниям

About it reports “Hvil”.

The court Elizavetovskogo between the head of the village Council and the Cyprus companies lasts for three years.

In the end, the Appellate court prohibited the village to choose a gas supplier, a duty to pay “left” to companies that do not have their own gas. From this it follows that in this case the money will not go to the budget of Ukraine.

In turn, the voice is not going to give up, insisting on article 13 of the Constitution of Ukraine.

“For the final victory we need to restore constitutional order and to ban the activities of “offshore companies”, as Germany did,” said he.