The head of “Ukrposhta” explained his astronomical salary

The head of JSC “Ukrpochta” Igor Smelyansky in interview to TV channel “Ukraine 24” articulated figures of their own monthly salary, according to “UKRINFORM”.

Руководитель «Укрпочты» объяснил свою астрономическую зарплату

According to his own words, a government official earns 836 thousand hryvnia per month.

Igor Smelyansky explained the formula by which to calculate his monthly salary. It is exactly 200 of the subsistence minimum, and therefore, is 836 000 UAH per month. Also, the official stated that his salary is tied to the salary of an ordinary postman. According to him, the salary is regulated by the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and according to the size of state enterprises.

However, Smelyanskiy made one important remark: this figure before deduction of all taxes and, most important, according to officials, fines. The head of “Russian post” said that only one case for financial monitoring can do personally to the Director-General to 204 000 hryvnias of a penalty that he will have to pay solely out of pocket. Smelyanskiy assured that the penalty he paid and at the end of the last reporting quarter. This was caused by a system failure when applying the figures for taxes.

Also Smelyanskiy expressed surprise that government officials are only now began to complain of low wages, and all the years of Ukraine’s independence did not. “That is in the country became worse in Koncha-Zaspa has become better, but no one ever complained about the salary,” — said General Director of “Ukrposhta”.