The health Ministry promised in September to increase the salaries of health workers

В Минздраве пообещали с сентября повысить зарплаты медработникам

From 1 September 2020, Ukrainian doctors will increase wages, in particular doctors, nurses and orderlies, which did not raise the salary when the second stage of health reform. To the increase in salaries can expect doctors, nurses and orderlies who “forgot”, when started the second phase of health reform.

The health workers who work with COVID-19, lists the 300 per cent salary. About this on air of the program “Right to rule” said the Minister of health, Maxim Stepanov.

“Starting from September 1 this year will be increased salaries to all the doctors, nurses, Junior secondary staff. Those who work in hospitals, specialized hospitals, and tertiary hospitals. That is, all those who were supposed to start receiving higher salaries starting from April 1. But, unfortunately, when planning reforms, so-called, they just forgot,” he said.

In addition, the Minister said that the health workers who work with COVID-19, lists the 300 per cent salary.

Zelensky promised in September to raise salaries to physicians

“NCSU slowly enter into contracts, but they are all concluded and funds have been transferred, despite the packages and tariffs that have been approved by the government. They include 300% of salary for health workers who work with COVID-19 and the entire list of medicines needed for the treatment of coronavirus disease,” — said Stepanov.

As reported, Maksym Stepanov said that now every day in Ukraine are 12 thousand tests. In Ukraine, the sanitary-epidemiological service is created almost from scratch.