The highest paid player in Chelsea refused to train because of fears of Contracting the coronavirus

Самый высокооплачиваемый игрок "Челси" отказался тренироваться из-за опасений подхватить коронавирус

Ngolo Kant

Midfielder London “Chelsea” and the French team N Golo Kante refused to participate in the training process due to fears of Contracting COVID-19, reports the Daily Mail.

It is noted that the head coach “retired,” Frank Lampard has expressed support and understanding of the adopted 28-year-old player in the decision.

May 19, Kant arrived at the club, but the next day did not want to go back even to the base in Cobham for the resumption of the season.

Add that with a salary of 290 thousand pounds per week world champion in 2018 in the national team of France is the highest paid player on the team.

The representatives of the clubs of the English Premier League passed the tests for coronavirus: from 748 positive test passed 6 people from three clubs in the League.

The UK government has approved the resumption of the Premier League since mid-June.

Recall, for the last day of the world revealed a record number of new cases of infection with coronavirus.