The historic launch of manned rockets of SpaceX: video stream in Russian

May 27 at approximately 16:30 in new York will host the launch of manned spacecraft of SpaceX to the ISS from the United States — an event that the American space industry was waiting for almost 10 years, BBC reports.

Исторический запуск пилотируемой ракеты SpaceX: прямая трансляция на русском

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From the launch pad in Florida will rise into the sky the Falcon 9 rocket, which will orbit a manned spacecraft SpaceX Crew Dragon. The launch of the plans to personally visit the President of the United States Donald trump, while the General audience will witness the launch of the only live.

The pandemic coronavirus, NASA decided not to allow spectators in the observation deck of the Space center Kennedy.

It is expected that 12 minutes after launch the Crew Dragon to orbit, separates from the carrier rocket Falcon 9 will continue movement to the ISS while the first stage of Falcon 9 back on Earth.

If all goes according to plan, may 28, at about 15:00 in new York, the ship will dock with the International space station, the astronauts will open the hatches and enter the ISS, where it is estimated there will be from 30 to 110 days.

If during startup something goes wrong, the crew will immediately activate the emergency separation from rocket — Crew Dragon will detach the capsule with the astronauts and parachutes will land in one of the defined zones in the Atlantic ocean, where the crew is evacuated.

We offer you broadcasting of this historic event with comments in Russian.



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