The Hong Kong authorities formally withdrew the bill on extradition, which caused months of protests (PHOTOS)

Власти Гонконга официально отозвали законопроект об экстрадиции, вызвавший многомесячные протесты (ФОТО)

The Hong Kong authorities on Wednesday officially announced the withdrawal of the draft law on extradition, the Associated Press reported.

The decision at a meeting in the Legislative Assembly was announced by the Hong Kong Secretary of security John Lee. He did not answer the questions of the participants of the meeting, and the Chairman of the meeting stated that in this case rules do not provide for discussions, reports “Interfax”.

Previously, it was expected that the withdrawal of the bill, which ignited months of protests, will announce the head of administration of Hong Kong Carrie Lam. It was assumed that it had to happen on 16 October, however the annual address to the Parliament was disrupted.

When Lam began the speech, several members began to shout the slogan of “five requirements” – requirements of participants of mass protests. They also got the posters with this slogan and portraits of her and gave her to speak.

Then the TV showed the speech of Lamas, pre-recorded. The head of the administration called to stop the protests, as well as the most burning issue mentioned the construction of affordable housing.

Lam said that he would not deviate from the principle of “One country, two systems”, which provides separate control system in Hong Kong within a unified China, that will not abandon the importance of human rights, the rule of law and judicial independence. She urged the public to allow the city to return to normal life and promised to listen to the people.

Observers noted that Lam did not say anything about the issue of deteriorating standard of education in Hong Kong and overall declining competitiveness in the field of Economics and business.

On Wednesday in Beijing said they did not plan to displace from the post of the head of administration of Hong Kong Carrie Lam and will assist in the restoration of order in the territory of this special administrative region. This was stated by the official representative of Chinese foreign Ministry Hua Chunying.

“This reckless political rumors. The Central government will provide strong support Carrie Lam and the Hong Kong administration, to encourage the authorities of the special administrative region through legal measures as soon as possible to restore order,” she said at a regular briefing. Chunying words leads TASS.

Previously, the newspaper The Financial Times has reported that the Chinese government is preparing a plan to replace Carrie Lam as the head of administration of Hong Kong. According to the publication, if the decision is approved by the President of China, XI Jinping, from March until the expiration of the term in 2022 it post supposedly is a different person.

Mass protests provoked by the consideration of the law on extradition, held in Hong Kong from the beginning of June. The Hong Kong government has proposed to amend the existing “Law on suspected criminals who are in hiding”. The proposed mechanism would allow to extradite suspects under the decree of the head of administration of area jurisdictions with which Hong Kong does not have an agreement, including mainland China. However, opponents of the bill believe that it will undermine the judicial independence of Hong Kong in accordance with the principle of “one country, two systems” and allow the Central government to deal with the opposition parties.

After massive protests, the Hong Kong authorities made concessions by announcing the indefinite suspension of consideration of amendments. However, opponents of the bill were unhappy and demanded a complete rejection of him, put forward an ultimatum to the authorities, which was not satisfied. The protests are accompanied by violence and clashes with police, blocking airports and stopping Express trains.

In addition to the withdrawal of the draft law on extradition, the protesters demanded to investigate cases of abuse of power by the police, to refuse the qualification of the protests as “rebellion”, the release of the arrested demonstrators and to move to a system of direct elections. In addition, the protesters demanded to cancel the recently introduced ban on wearing masks during rallies.

China’s Central government condemned the protests and accused foreign powers of fomenting the unrest. The foreign Ministry has repeatedly warned other countries from intervening in the Affairs of Hong Kong, saying that the situation there is “internal”. It was also reported that Beijing rejected the proposal of the head of administration of Hong Kong Carrie Lam to completely abandon the bill on extradition and ordered her not to yield to any other demands of the protesters.