The hospital staff suggested media interview with a dying car crash

Сотрудник больницы предложил СМИ интервью с умирающей Заворотнюк

An employee of the hospital, which recently moved Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, suggested media interview with a dying actress.

The man, whose name was not released, appealed to the editors of the portal with offer to interview Zavorotnyuk for a fee.

According to him, he has access to the actress, he can talk to her and secretly record the conversation on video.

“I’ll ask her the questions that you will write me. Perhaps this will be her last interview. All the conditions of complete anonymity and confidentiality all details of our cooperation. Waiting for your early reply” — written by hospital staff.

The editorial Board does not report, agreed the man, but informed the journalists of other editions have not once tried to bribe medical staff to obtain at least the patient.

We will remind, earlier in a press there was an information that the car crash can not move independently.

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