The house of representatives supported the impeachment of trump

The house of representatives voted on the impeachment of President Donald trump, writes “Radio Freedom”.

Палата представителей поддержала импичмент Трампа

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Voting takes place separately on each article of charges against the President. The first article — abuse of power — is already supported by most congressmen.

The prosecution in the second article — obstructing the work of Congress will be voted on later. But even support one article is enough to send the impeachment case to the Senate for further investigation.

The live broadcast was led by NBC:

Impeachment is provided by the U.S. Constitution procedure for the removal of the President from office for committing “treason, bribery, or other grave crimes and misdemeanors”. Against trump extended two charges – abuse of power and obstructing Congress. If the House of representatives will vote for the prosecution, trump will become the third President in U.S. history, subjected to impeachment proceedings.

The announcement of the President’s impeachment by the House of representatives, however, does not mean his removal from office. The charges have to be approved by the Senate by a two-thirds majority of the votes. Such in American history had not yet happened (one President – Richard Nixon resigned under threat of ouster from office even before the formal vote on impeachment).

The house of representatives at the plenary meeting discussed the impeachment for six hours, after which a vote was held.

The Democrats, opponents of the trump and the initiators of impeachment proceedings in the House of representatives, the majority and both charges against trump was taken. The fact that the impeachment had hitherto supported only by democratic lawmakers, is one of the arguments of the supporters of trump, claiming that it is about the revenge of the Democrats the President, not about observance of the law.

The position of the President

Trump on the eve of the sent to the speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi official letter in which he accused Democrats in an attempt by the “coup” cancel the election results of 2016. Trump expressed the view that during the process against the “Salem witch” the accused had more rights than him. He also promised the Democrats the merciless judgment of history. Many commentators have noted an unusually uncompromising tone of the Epistle – bill Clinton, whom the Republicans impeached in 1998, was much more restrained.

Representatives of trump said that he will not watch the broadcast. At this time the President speaks at a campaign rally in Michigan.

What you’re accusing trump

Investigation on the possibility of impeachment, trump began in September after intelligence officer, whose name is officially still not named, filed a complaint on the pressure that the President, according to him, had been to Ukraine with the purpose to hurt his possible opponent in the elections of 2020, the Democrat Joe Biden. The accusations against trump built on the fact of freezing of military assistance to Ukraine this summer and on the number of witnesses that the President – directly and via proxies was made from Kiev investigations of Biden’s son in Ukraine, and alleged interference in Ukraine elections in the United States in 2016. The prosecution in the obstruction of the activities of the Congress is due to the fact that the White house was forbidden to testify, high-ranking civil servants and to provide documents related to the investigation.

The Republicans and the tramp all this time saying that the President has not broken any laws. They deny the connection freezing aid requests to investigate the case of Biden, and these requests called urge Ukraine to combat corruption (Biden’s son was appointed to the Board of Directors of Burisma Ukrainian Corporation). Trump refers to the words of President Vladimir Zelensky, who said I didn’t feel any pressure. Trying to impeach he calls politically motivated.

The Senate will begin the process to dismiss trump from office immediately after the New year. It is unclear what rules it will pass. The Republicans in the Senate majority, and the majority of commentators believes it is highly unlikely that the Senate will remove the President from office.

Polls show that Americans on the issue of impeachment is divided roughly in half.