The Houthis have threatened a new attack on Saudi oil facilities (PHOTO)

Хуситы пригрозили новой атакой на саудовские нефтяные объекты (ФОТО)

The official representative of the armed forces of Yemen of the movement “Ansar Allah” Brigadier General Yahya SARIA warned foreign experts from visits to oil facilities in Saudi Arabia that were attacked on September 14. The Houthis do not rule out that re-attack objects, reports controlled by the Houthi channel Al-Masirah.

“I want to warn companies and foreigners that they should not be present in enterprises that have suffered from shocks, since they are still under our eye, and may be subject to attack at any moment. The Saudi regime, we want to say: our long arm will reach where we want, and at any time we determine, therefore, he should stop the aggression and the blockade of Yemen,” the General said. According to Yahya SARIA, for the attacks were used including machines with jet engines.

Company Aramco has announced the resumption of oil shipments to clients, reports Reuters. On the eve of the representatives of the company promised to restore the third volume of interrupted production (2 million barrels per day) for two days. The government of India announced that he had received from Aramco certification that is located in the country’s refineries will not suffer because of short supply of Saudi oil. Three sources in major Asian refinery, which confirmed that tankers are being loaded in normal mode.

On the night of 14 September, the Houthis attacked enterprises of the Saudi national oil company Saudi Aramco in the East 10 drones. Was attacked the world’s largest oil refinery near the town of Abqaiq, where many Western experts, as well as refineries in the area Juris, which is the second largest oil field in the Kingdom. After the attacks on them broke out a large fire, the fire managed to localize.

Following the attacks, oil production in Saudi Arabia decreased by 50%. U.S. Secretary of state Michael Pompeo was accused of involvement in the attacks Iran, saying that the attacks were made not from Yemen. In turn, the Iranian foreign Ministry called the accusations groundless Pompeo, calling the tactics of the US against Tehran “tactics maximum lies.” American President Donald trump on the background of these events gave permission, if necessary, use the national strategic oil reserves.