The hryvnia in the coming week slightly weakened against the dollar

Foreign currency will continue to gradually strengthen against the Ukrainian hryvnia throughout the next week.

Гривна в ближайшую неделю незначительно ослабнет по отношению к доллару

It is reported portal “Hvilya” with reference to the statement of an analyst Vadim Yasuda in an interview to “RBC-Ukraine”.

Moderate growth of the us dollar against Ukrainian hryvnia will be observed during the vey next week, starting from may 25. After a week of trading on the interbank market will reach the mark of twenty seven dollars for the hryvnia, cash dollar can be purchased a little cheaper.

The news of the agreement with the International Monetary Fund agreed to provide Ukraine with five billion dollars for a period of eighteen months, was quite expected against the background of the adoption by the Verkhovna Rada of the so-called “anticolonial” bill. This law regulates the banking sector in the country, on his admission, insisted the foreign partners in Ukraine.

The actions of the Ukrainian Parliament did not significantly affect the situation on the currency exchange market. In the actions of its players had already been “laid” information about the bill and receive tranche from the IMF. However, in the near future the national currency can be strengthened through the approval of financial assistance to Ukraine, which in future can lead to new “investments” in the state budget from the world Bank and other foreign partners.

“In the medium term this could give additional impetus to the strengthening of the Ukrainian hryvnia. In the longer term the country’s exit from quarantine restrictions in addition to the increase in business activity may lead to increased demand for foreign currency. But in this case, by the end of the year, the dollar is unlikely to exceed 28.5 UAH”, — explained Vadim Iosub.

The expert noted that over the past week the us dollar to the Ukrainian hryvnia rose in all segments of the foreign exchange market by approximately 0.3 to 1.0%. The U.S. dollar exchange rate for a long period of time reduced in relation to the national currency, but on Wednesday began a reverse process. Significant fluctuations are expected, the dollar will rise slowly and gradually.