The hurricane season will begin earlier: the first tropical storm coming to Florida

According to weather forecasts, the first tropical system of the hurricane season could develop near Florida and the Bahamas for a few weeks before the official start of the hurricane season, writes USA Today.

Сезон ураганов начнется раньше: первый тропический шторм надвигается на Флориду

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May 12, the National hurricane center said that over the next 5 days the likelihood of the storm will be 50%.

“This weekend is expected to develop areas of low pressure a few hundred miles to the North-East of the Bahamas,” said the Center.

The official start of hurricane season in the Atlantic in 2020 — June 1, although storms are often formed prior to that date, and that happened every year during the last five years. Peak season usually falls on September.

If the system gets named, it will be a “tropical (or subtropical) storm Arthur”. Subtropical storms have characteristics of both tropical and non-tropical weather systems.

Storms are named when their winds reached 39 mph (62,7 km/h).

According to AccuWeather, the center of the system and the majority of its rain should stay East of the U.S. mainland, but this will have some impact on the coastline, reaching the beaches and, perhaps, more significant impact will extend to the offshore Islands.

Сезон ураганов начнется раньше: первый тропический шторм надвигается на Флориду


According to AccuWeather meteorologists, the end of this week in South Florida may experience rain showers and thunderstorms.

Although this system is unlikely to have a direct impact on the United States, a developing storm “certainly is a good reminder that hurricane season is around the corner and what training is needed,” writes meteorologist from the University of Georgia’s Marshall shepherd.

Most experts on hurricanes say that in 2020 there will be an unusually active season. In April, leading forecasters from Colorado state University stated that the expected emergence of 16 named tropical storms, 8 of which may become hurricanes.

In an average season is 12 tropical storms, 6 of which become hurricanes.

The cause of the anticipated active season is unusually warm water in the Atlantic ocean, and the absence of El niño, a phenomenon that tends to suppress hurricane activity in the Atlantic.

May 12, Federal forecasters from the National oceanic and atmospheric administration said it will publish its forecast for the season 2020 next week.


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