The IMF refused to sign with Ukraine a three-year program of cooperation

The representative of the International monetary Fund Jerry rice said that the IMF refused to signed three-year cooperation program EFF.

МВФ отказался от подписания с Украиной трехлетней программы сотрудничества

As reported Hvilya, reported Reuters.

Rice noted that the IMF focused on discussing with Ukraine an 18-month standby programme in the framework of Stand-by. According to him, it will give the government more opportunities to respond to the pandemic coronavirus infection.

However, he clarified that the IMF and Ukraine since the beginning of 2020 was considered the more conventional three year extended programme. In addition to this, rice explained that the shift occurred as a result of “unprecedented uncertainty related to the economic and financial prospects, and the need to focus policy priorities on the immediate containment and stabilization.”

“When the situation is restored, the focus can again shift to the solution of problems of long-term structural reforms in Ukraine, to promote stronger and more inclusive growth”, he said.

As for the size of the new program, stand by, referred to, something about it is not yet known.

It should be noted that Ukraine under a previously agreed program expect to receive about $ 8 billion. Her last condition was the adoption of the so-called “anticolonial” law.