The IMF will allocate to combat coronavirus loans 1000000000000 dollars

Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva said that the International monetary Fund say they will provide loans at $1 trillion countries as aid in the fight against coronavirus.

МВФ выделит на борьбу с коронавирусом кредитов на 1000000000000 долларов

According to “Interfax-Ukraine”, this is the first line of defense.

“As the first line of defense, the Fund may deploy his flexible and fast-growing Toolkit of emergency response, to help countries with urgent needs in the balance of payments”, — said on the website.

Specifies that developing countries will receive about $50 billion, and low-income countries at $10 billion under the zero rate.

At the moment, the IMF has 40 agreements worth about $200 billion.

“We have also received requests from 20 States and will follow them in the coming days. Thus, the IMF can satisfy the 189 member countries, demonstrating the value of international cooperation. Because, ultimately, our answers to this crisis will not be limited to one method, one region or one country,” said Georgieva.