The income gap between officials and public sector strikes

In Ukraine, the resonant reaction of the public caused a document with information about the income of officials in December 2019, published on the website of the Cabinet. The network has compared the salaries of teachers, doctors and other state employees with cosmic income of Ministers.

Разрыв между доходами чиновников и бюджетников поражает

This reports the analytical portal “Hvilya”.

To date, public sector wages range from 4000 UAH (salary of teacher) to 7400 UAH (teacher’s salary). The average salary of doctors in Ukraine amounted to UAH 5500.

It is noted that the minimum pension that must survive Ukrainians who have reached the appropriate age and having more than enough working experience is 1638 UAH.

For comparison, the head of “Ukrposhta” Igor Smelyansky in 2019 received an average of 1.4 million hryvnia per month, and according to the Declaration did almost 2 million hryvnia. The network has picked up the theme with a sky-high salary Smelyanskiy and found out that the US President Donald trump would be envious of such salary. The us President earns about 1 million UAH (400 thousand dollars).

According to the government portal, the most highly paid officials:

  • The Secretary of state of the Ministry of culture Rostyslav Karandeyev — 497 709 UAH;
  • Deputy Minister of culture Irina Podolyak — 394 710 UAH;
  • The Minister of foreign Affairs Vadym Prystayko — 234 000 UAH.

Interestingly, the salary of the Minister of culture Vladimir Borodyansky was 90 888 UAH, which is 4 times less than that of his deputies.

Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk in December 2019 received 76 190 UAH, and the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov — 186 541 UAH.

MP from the faction “people’s Servant”, former journalist Mustafa Nayem on his new post in the “Ukroboronservice” gets 310 000 monthly. His colleague in the faction and also the former journalist Serhiy Leshchenko, included in the Supervisory Board of “Ukrzaliznytsi” gets 588 000 UAH.

The least the salary of the Minister Cabinet of Ministers Dmitry Dubilet — 17 544 UAH.

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Разрыв между доходами чиновников и бюджетников поражает