The increase in cargo transportation tariffs would increase the cost of electricity

The increase in tariffs for freight transport by rail will lead to increased logistics cost of coal enterprises and increase the cost of coal, causing the price of it produced electricity of the TPP will also increase.

Повышение тарифов на грузовые перевозки приведет к удорожанию электроэнергии

This was stated by MP of Ukraine, member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on issues of energy and housing and utilities Mikhail Bondar.

“Delivery (of coal. − Ed.) will be more expensive and, consequently, it will affect the final result per kilowatt-hour,” said Cooper.

The MP considers it unacceptable increase in tariffs for cargo railway transportation in the conditions of crisis. And noted that this decision will hurt the coal industry, which is subsidized.

“It’s definitely not to do. We prove in the Committee of fuel and energy and housing, and at the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers in another way, requests and complaints. We prove that this cannot be done, because the government laments that every time subsidizes the coal industry, the latest billion 1 600 1 600 billion, as stated in the following case will increase to 2600, and 3600, because it will be necessary to subsidize the industry, including due to the fact that will raise the tariffs for transportation of coal products,” explained Cooper.