The indexation of pensions in Ukraine was moved to September

Indexation of pensions will be, but not in March and in September.

This was reported by Minister of social policy Yuliya Sokolovskaya in Facebook.

Индексацию пенсий в Украине перенесли на сентябрь

“The indexation of pensions will be! And with it — and the new strategy of growth of pensions, which the government team and the parliamentary enclosure was developed at the request of President Vladimir Zelensky”, — said Sokolowski.

She explained that the initiative is to raise pensions by 2023 1200 UAH.

An additional increase will be implemented in several stages:

  • 2020 – for pensioners aged 80 years (with indexation this year pensions will grow by UAH 700/month)
  • further, from 78 years;
  • the year after 75 years, etc.

However, the Minister stressed that the government will index pensions and their size will increase as it is planned and budgeted allocation. But, our government has scheduled it for September and not in March, as promised earlier. On average, the indexation of pensions will grow by 216 UAH/month.

“If the Parliament will support the bill the Ministry of social policy No. 2494, already starting this month single pensioners over 80 will receive another benefit — the care! Thus, we will increase the payments for another 100 thousand of our pensioners, which will be advanced monthly to 670 UAH!”, — said Sokolowski.