The Indian company has created an analogue TikTok

Индийская компания создала аналог TikTok

TikTok in India has been prohibited since the end of June

The new platform is designed to create and publish a 90-second video, which can be both public and ordinary persons.

Company in India Zee Entertainment Enterprises launches HiPi to creating and viewing short videos, similar to the Chinese social network TikTok prohibited in the country. On Monday, August 17, reported Bloomberg.

New Indian platform designed to create and publish a 90-second video, which can become public figures, and ordinary users, said the representative of the company-founder Tarun Katial.

“The launch of the HiPi has nothing to do with the lock TikTok in India. We worked on HiPi in the past year,” said Katial.

According to the Agency, HiPi will allow the company Zee Entertainment Enterprises to occupy a place in the market is prohibited TikTok and more confident to compete with the corporations Netflix and The Walt Disney Company, who own the largest streaming platforms in the country.

Recall that in late June, the Ministry of information technology of India has decided to block the majority of Chinese mobile applications, among which the TikTok and Likee.

As reported, the reason for this decision was once again inflamed the conflict between the two countries over disputed territories in the Himalayas.