The insider assured that Kaia Gerber and Pete Davidson “just friends”

After Kaia Gerber and Pete Davidson caught Dating, the tabloids have connected their sources to find out more about star novel. Insiders claim that between the model and the comedian exclusively friendly relations, but the paparazzi make us doubt.

Инсайдер заверил, что Кайя Гербер и Пит Дэвидсон «просто друзья»

On Monday, Pete flew to Los Angeles to have dinner with Gerber. This fact sounds like another confirmation that Kaya and Davidson in love. Insiders refute this assumption and claim that they are just friends.

They just want to have fun together. They are friends who like to be together and laugh each other

— the source said.

According to the insider, Pete and Kaya just had dinner, and this evening was no romance. They just sat opposite each other and talked, and then Davidson brought up his girlfriend. But it is worth noting that the photographs of the paparazzi, their relationship doesn’t look friendly.

Recall that Pete recently broke up with Margaret Coelli. Then Davidson began to notice the company Gerber. The paparazzi photographed them in the coffee shop, and this meeting in the Network was also called out. And the Kaya and Pete prefer to keep their status and do not give any official comments.