The interior of Kasia Tusk's apartment is delightful. The blogger willingly shares photos of her four accounts

What does the interior of Kasia Tusk's house look like? The interior of Kasia Tusk's apartment is delighted with her photos.

As the “Pomorska” portal reminds us, Kasia Tusk is one of the most popular bloggers in our country. Although the daughter of the former prime minister tries to keep his private life secret, he does not avoid publishing the interior of his apartment. Thanks to this, we can see how Kasia Tusk lives!

This is how Kasia Tusk lives

Kasia Tusk has been running the Make Life Easier blog for years, in which deals with broadly understood lifestyle issues. The daughter of the former Prime Minister, Donald Tusk, lives with her husband and two daughters in one of Sopot's tenement houses.

Inside, Kasia Tusk's apartment is dominated by bright colors combined with wood that adds warmth. The blogger focused on minimalism. Kasia Tusk's bedroom is cozy thanks to the wooden floor and warm shades of the walls. C & oacute; rka The former prime minister has a beautiful view of greenery outside the window.

Bright colors also dominate Kasia's daughter's room. The girl's bed is covered with a canopy. The dream of the little princess is guarded by two handmade birds. This room harmonizes with the rest of the house – here we also find a combination of wood and bright colors.

Inside Kasia Tusk's house, everything is carefully thought out. You can find a lot of live flowers arranged in simple glass vases, which, thanks to their transparency, allow you to display the natural beauty of plants.

In the blogger's home there are also frames, in which there are both family photos and beautiful graphics. They appear on skates, walls and even on the window sill. Attention is drawn to a beautiful table with a wooden top, which has been placed near the windows, as well as shelves filled with books.

< p> As in any home where there is a tiny child, Kasia Tusk also has furniture adapted for the youngest, such as a feeding chair.

How do you like Kasia Tusk's apartment?