The IOC made an official statement on dates of Olympic games-2020 in Tokyo

МОК сделал официальное заявление по датам проведения Олимпийских игр-2020 в Токио

The international Olympic Committee (IOC) made an official statement about the dates of the Olympic games 2020 to Tokyo, which was under the question due to the spread of the coronavirus.

“The IOC Executive Council today expressed full confidence in the success of the Olympic games in Tokyo in previously established dates: from 24 July to 9 August.

The working group, which includes members of the IOC, the government of Japan, world health organization, the organizers of the Games in Tokyo was created in mid-February. The IOC respects and supports the arrangements, which are an important part of a safe and secure Olympic Games.

The IOC encourages athletes to continue to prepare for the Olympic games. The Committee will continue to support athletes by providing current information about possible changes”, – is reported on the official website of the IOC.

Earlier it was reported that the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo may pass without spectators due to the coronavirus.